How To Choose The Best Education Consultation Service?

Education Consultation

Many of the students these days aspire to study abroad and get their degrees from foreign universities. Well, it may sound simple, but the process of getting into a foreign university is a huge one. As you are new to foreign university registration and getting the necessary student visa, you can rely on the education consultation services to get the things done for you. The counselor you approach will not only ensure that you get the admission to the foreign university that you want but will help in getting the student visa as well. As this is a make or break decision in your life, you need to be very careful in choosing your education consultation service.

The following are some of the tips that will help you in choosing your education consultation service provider.

Ask the counselor questions

It is highly important to carry out a background check of the counselor you approach in order to see if he or she suits your needs and wants. You need to have a set of questions ready with you to ask the counselor. They are:

  •         How many years of counseling experience you have?
  •         Have you studied abroad or have experience of working there?
  •         What are your educational qualifications?
  •         How many students have you counseled?
  •         What is your success rate of counseling?

You need to check if the counselor gives proper and prompt answers to your questions. Getting prompt and good answers from the counselor mean that he is good at his job and knows the trick of the trade. If you are not getting prompt answers or if the counselor is furious at you for questioning him, then it is better to move on to the next chancellor.

The consultant’s experience

The education consultation counselor you are looking for helping you get a college admission abroad must have solid years of experience in this field. If not, you might not be landing up in the college or the course that you want. He should have an excellent track record of sending many students to foreign colleges and universities. He should be ready to share details of the students who have studied abroad through his help. You should talk to two to three of the previous clients of the counselor to get to know about the service they offer. You should also inquire if everything from finding the college or university to getting the student visa was handled in a smooth and proficient manner.

Service Fees

You should never be looking to entertain counselors offering packages for study abroad. The career guidance can never come in a package as it is a step-by-step process. You should ask for the service fee that the counselor charges for getting the college admission and also the student visa. Pay the full fees only after you reach your milestone.